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Ferges is an international company whose activity is the supply of metal-rolling and steel pipes in Poland, and all over Europe: Germany, France, Netherlands.

During the 9 years of existence, we have studied customers' desires and all the subtleties of logistics, which allows us to deliver and ship products in a short time. Our specialists find their own solution to each problem, help to transport and store products when necessary. We also provide technical advice to help you find the most suitable metal-roll and pipe. At our warehouses, there is always a large assortment of products, which allows us to fully satisfy the customer’s requests quickly and in one place.

Most of the products are seamless, gas, welded, and thick-walled pipes. All our products are certified and manufactured in the leading factories of the EU and Poland. Ferges company specializes in pipes with a diameter of 508 mm, 530 mm, 610 mm, 720 mm, 1016 mm, 1020 mm, 1220 mm, 1420 mm.

Ferges company does not only sell products but also helps with selection, makes to order (diameter from 89 to 1720 mm), and delivers pipes directly to the customer. We have our own vehicle fleet, in which there is always a spare car to quickly deliver pipes where the customer wants.

We successfully compete in Poland and European markets. The high competitiveness of Ferges has been confirmed by pipe plants, expert communities, and industry publications.

Our success is caused by:

  • a wide range of products for different scales of activities;
  • constant availability of products in warehouses;
  • own vehicle fleet for pipe transportation;
  • the possibility of supplying pipes in large volumes from 1000 tons;
  • flexible payment and deferred payment terms;
  • own warehouse in the center of Europe in Warsaw – the stock of pipes of all sizes is always stored in the warehouse;
  • the professional staff of buyers, consultants, sellers, technical personnel who are always ready to order according to the size of the project.

Products are supplied by road, sea and rail transport and its geography is estimated at tens of thousands of kilometers.

The mission of Ferges company

The mission of Ferges company is to ensure the full supply of metal products to all industries. Our aim is not only to provide quality products but also to provide service: delivery in the exact time, if necessary – the production of goods for customer requests.

Our priorities:

  • increasing customer loyalty;
  • expanding the range of metal products;
  • territorial expansion of sales markets;
  • continuous improvement in product manufacturing, logistics, etc.

The principles we focus on:

  • effectiveness;
  • efficiency;
  • professionalism;
  • responsibility;
  • development.

However, our main award is satisfied customers. More than 80% of customers who apply to Ferges company stay with us.

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